CWD Blood Test Available Directly To Hunters With Easy To Use Kit

SAWCorp Introduces First Practical Blood Test
for CWD in Deer and Elk

September 25, 2017 (Overland Park, KS) Sustainable Agriculture and Wildlife Corp, LLC (SAWCorp) has introduced the very first practical blood test for Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk. Blood collection kits and lab tests can be ordered online at  The blood collection kits will also soon be available for purchase at selected outdoor retailers.  
The easy to use test allows Deer and Elk hunters to take a quick swipe of blood, send it off to the lab and know in a few days if their harvest is CWD positive. “This is an important day for hunters and for the hunting industry.”  Noted Dr. Rick Vierling, head of SAWCorp’s Science Advisory Board and also an avid hunter. “We finally have a way of helping to stop the spread of CWD and insure that our harvested deer and elk are safe and CWD free.” The patented test has been validated in numerous academic and commercial labs.   
CWD has been detected in captive and free-ranging Deer and Elk in 23 states and two Canadian Provinces: Colorado, Wyoming, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Illinois, Alberta, Utah, New York, West Virginia, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota, Maryland, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas.  SAWCorp’s CWD blood test allows hunters to test harvested deer to ensure that it is CWD free to protect their family. After collecting a blood sample in the field from the hunter’s harvest, a prepaid envelope is provided to mail the blood sample to SAWCorp’s lab, the National Agricultural Genotyping Center in Fargo, North Dakota. Results are back within 7-10 days.  
Jim Mueller, Host of The American Outdoorsman TV Show commented; “Like many other hunters in CWD infected states, I am worried about whether my game is CWD free.  Myself and all of the American Outdoorsman Pro Staff will be testing our harvest this season with the SAW Corp test.”
The blood collection kits retail for $14.95 each and include everything necessary to collect and send blood samples for one harvested deer. The lab tests are ordered separately for $50.00.  Both are available online at


Based in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, SAWCorp was founded in early 2016 to license and implement the CWD testing technology. The team of principals and key advisors of SAWCorp have more than a century of experience in almost every aspect of agriculture and wildlife. This team includes agricultural geneticists, deer/elk producers, hunters, ranchers, feed mill operators and game preserve operators.  SAWCorp partners with the National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) for lab operations and testing services. NAGC was established in partnership with the National Corn Growers Association, Los Alamos National Lab and the USDA. 



Blake Ashby, Manager, SAWCorp
Phone: 314-374-6826

CWD Blood Test Available Directly To Hunters With Easy To Use Kit

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